VinaLupa at The Cooking Shed.

On July 22nd, The Cooking Shed and Emily have put together an exclusive evening of wine tasting. Kickin' off at 8pm with welcome drinks, followed by an hours talk from Emily. She will use four wines to demonstrat the basics of how to taste wine and omre importantly how to choose a wine that will complement your meals at home or when dining out. All wine will be accompanied by cheese and meat boards sourced from local suppliers with homemade chutneys from The Cooking Shed.

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The Cooking Shed

The Cooking Shed is owned and run by self-taught cook and food writer, Regan Anderton. Regan works with a team of award-winning local suppliers to ensure high quality welfare standard and sustainable products are used in all dishes created there.

Two years ago Regan brought her son into the world and she quickly realised that food wasn't there purely for enjoyment, but also played an important role in our development and ongoing quality of life. With so many diets, media hype and misinformed nutrition and health advice, as well as the constant rising price of food, Regan started to feel that feeding a family had become a complicated, uninspiring minefield.

She realised that the teaching of kitchen skills had skipped a generation. With fewer children learning from their families and home economics no longer being an option in many schools, it’s no wonder we don't feel confident enough to experiment and enjoy time in the kitchen on our own - let alone together.

Regan created The Cooking Shed at the end of her garden to go some way to helping to change that. The Shed is intended to provide a haven for food and learning - to experiment, experience and enjoy the amazing flavours and skills that the world of food has to offer. Either on your own, or with your child. It's simply a bunch of people getting together, cooking real food and enjoying real experiences.